The Inviscid Instability of a Nonlinear Görtler Vortex State in a Large Mach Number Boundary Layer Flow

  • Nicholas D. Blackaby
Conference paper
Part of the ICASE NASA LaRC Series book series (ICASE/NASA)


The inviscid stability of a small-wavelength, fully nonlinear Görtler vortex state, in a large-Mach number Blasius boundary layer is investigated. In contrast to incompressible flows, the Blasius boundary-layer flow is inviscidly unstable. We consider how the presence of a nonlinear vortex state modifies the inviscid instability properties; some interesting features are found to emerge. The inviscid instabilities could also be regarded as secondary instabilities of the vortex state. This work is a necessary preliminary before the full interaction problem can be addressed.


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  • Nicholas D. Blackaby
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  1. 1.University of ManchesterManchesterUK

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