Atlas of Normal Bone Scan and 111In White Blood Cell Findings in Porous-Coated Hip Prostheses

  • Stephen G. Oswald
  • Douglas Van Nostrand
Part of the Atlases of Clinical Nuclear Medicine book series (ATLASES)


The nuclear medicine physician is often asked to evaluate the patient with a painful hip prosthesis with specific regard to the presence of loosening or infection. The scintigraphic findings for complicated and uncomplicated cemented hip prostheses have been well described.1–4 Recently, hip arthroplasty using porous-coated protheses has gained popularity. Since prosthesis fixation occurs as bone and fibrous tissue grow into the porous surface of the prosthesis,5 increased localization of bone-avid isotopes might occur unrelated to the presence of aseptic loosening or infection. It is necessary to know the scintigraphic appearance of the uncomplicated porous-coated prosthesis to diagnose reliably the presence of an abnormality.


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