Design Characteristics of Predictors

  • Heleno Bolfarine
  • Shelemyahu Zacks
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In the present chapter we study the properties of predictors of the population total, T, from the sampling design point of view. In particular, we focus attention on the asymptotic design unbiasedness (ADU) of the predictors. This property has been suggested by Brewer (1979) for predictors with a single auxiliary variable. A generalization of the concept to the case of several regressors was given by Wright (1983). Further extensions of the models were considered by Rodrigues and Bolfarine (1988) and by Montanari (1988). See also the studies of Tam (1988a,b) and Rodrigues and Bolfarine (1989). The ψ-model considered in this chapter is the regression model (1.2.1) with a diagonal covariance matrix V = σ2diag{v1,...,v N }.


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