DNA Delivery into Maize Cell Cultures Using Silicon Carbide Fibers

  • H. F. Kaeppler
  • D. A. Somers
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Silicon carbide fibers can be used to deliver foreign DNA into maize tissue culture cells for transient expression studies and genetic transformation (Kaeppler et al. 1990, 1992). The fibers are easily handled and are very inexpensive. At its current level of development, frequencies of DNA delivery and stable transformation using the silicon carbide fiber method are somewhat lower than can be achieved with microprojectile bombardment (Klein et al. 1989; Spencer et al. 1990; Fromm et al. 1990; Gordon-Kamm et al. 1990). Further improvement of the silicon carbide fiber procedure will likely lead to increased DNA delivery frequencies. Materials and methods are given below for delivery of plasmid DNA into nonregenerable and regenerable maize cell cultures using silicon carbide fibers.


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  • D. A. Somers

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