The program ARVEC fits a multivariate autoregression of any specified order p < 21 to a multivariate time series {Yt = (Y t 1,…, Y tm )′, t = 1,…, n}. To run the program, double click on the icon arvec in the itsmw window (or type ARVEC ↩ from the DOS prompt) and you will see a title page followed by a brief introductory statement describing the program. After reading this statement, follow the program prompts, selecting the option [Enter data] by typing the highlighted letter E. You will then be asked to enter the dimension m ≤ 6 (m ≤ 11 for ITSM50) of Yt and to select the file containing the observations {Yt,t = 1,…,n}. For example, to model the bivariate data set LS2.DAT you would enter the dimension m = 2 and then select the file LS2.DAT from the list of data files. The data must be stored as an ASCII file such that row t contains the m components, Y t = {Y t 1,…,Y tm )′, each separated by at least one blank space. (The sample size n can be at most 700 for ITSM41 and 10000 for ITSM50.) The value of n will then be printed on the screen and you will be given the option of plotting the component series.


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