The Validity of Retrospective Reports as a Function of the Directness of Retrieval Processes

  • Douglas J. Herrmann


Most of what is known about autobiographical memory pertains to the encoding of a memory (M. A. Conway, 1990; Neisser & Winograd, 1988; Rubin, 1982). Much less research has examined the retrieval process separately from issues of encoding (Herrmann, 1985; Reder, 1987a). In this chapter, I address retrieval processes hypothesized to underlie autobiographical remembering, especially as a function of the attributes of an episode—for example, the time and the location of the event (Wagenaar, 1986) and feelings regarding the event (Baddeley, Lewis, & Nimmo-Smith, 1978; Bower, 1967; Robinson, 1976; Underwood, 1969; S. H. White & Pillimer, 1979).


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