Human Growth Hormone Binding Proteins: Regulation and Physiological Significance

  • Gerhard Baumann
  • Moises Mercado
  • Norma Davila
  • Melissa Shaw
  • Klaus Amburn
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Circulating growth hormone binding proteins (GHBPs) have recently been recognized in a variety of species. Their discovery has added a new dimension to the physiology of growth hormone (GH) action. The human high-affinity GHBP, first described in 1986 (1, 2), was subsequently found to represent the soluble ectodomain of the GH receptor (GH-R) (3). This property has attracted considerable attention among basic scientists and clinicians alike. Another circulating GHBP, of lower affinity and probably not related to the GH-R, has received less scrutiny and remains only partially characterized (4). Comprehensive reviews of the GHBPs have recently appeared (5, 6); this chapter summarizes salient features and focuses on aspects that are new and potentially relevant to reproduction. For full citation the reader is referred to the mentioned reviews.


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  • Moises Mercado
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