Urologic Applications

  • Joseph K. Izes
  • John A. Libertino


The ultrasonic surgical aspirator is an instrument uniquely suited to many aspects of urologic surgery. As it has done in other specialties, this fragmenting and aspirating scalpel has proven useful in the partial resection of solid organs through differential disruption of tissue with high water content and its ability to spare more solid tissues rich in collagen, such as blood vessels. This characteristic, coupled with the lack of disruption to the renal collecting system, has enhanced our ability to perform partial nephrectomy and other renal parenchymal surgery. By disrupting and aspirating the softer renal parenchyma, it is possible to identify underlying blood vessels and to control them before division. Thus, appreciable loss of blood, the major complication in partial nephrectomy and other renal parenchymal procedures, is reduced.


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