Fourier Analysis

  • Arie Feuer
  • Graham C. Goodwin
Part of the Systems & Control: Foundations & Applications book series (SCFA)


The frequency domain plays a central role in our discussion and analysis throughout this book. It is thus appropriate to begin with a treatment of Fourier theory. There are four basic Fourier transforms. These are:
  1. (i)

    Fourier series that map periodic continuous-time functions into sequences in the frequency domain;

  2. (ii)

    continuous-time Fourier transforms that map continuous-time functions into continuous frequency domain functions;

  3. (iii)

    discrete-time Fourier transforms (DTFT) that map time domain sequences into periodic continuous frequency domain functions;

  4. (iv)

    discrete Fourier transforms (DFT) that map periodic sequences in the time domain to periodic sequences in the frequency domain.



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