Elastic-Plastic Waves in Porous Materials

  • V. M. Fomin
  • S. P. Kiselev
Part of the High-Pressure Shock Compression of Condensed Matter book series (SHOCKWAVE)


Consider an elastic-plastic material containing a great number of spherical voids. A precise solution of the problem of deformation of such a material is next to impossible. Therefore, various model approaches are widely used, as briefly discussed in Sec. 8.2. The authors’ mathematical model is presented in Sec. 8.3 and some of its mathematical and physical aspects are studied. Shock wave propagation in porous aluminum and iron is examined in Sec. 8.4 on the basis of the present model. In Sec. 8.5, an expansion shock wave in a porous elastic-plastic medium is theoretically predicted and investigated. Mathematical symbols used are listed and defined at the end of the chapter.


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  • S. P. Kiselev

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