Food Preservation Using Ionizing Radiation

  • L. S. Andrews
  • M. Ahmedna
  • R. M. Grodner
  • J. A. Liuzzo
  • P. S. Murano
  • E. A. Murano
  • R. M. Rao
  • S. Shane
  • P. W. Wilson
Part of the Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology book series (RECT, volume 154)


Radiation “refers to a physical phenomenon in which energy travels through space or matter” (Radomyski et el. 1994). Irradiation, as used in food science, is the application of this energy to a specific material, such as food product, with the purpose of increasing storage stability through reduction of microorganisms, elimination of parasites or insects, or blockage of enzyme activity. Irradiation may also used to reduce the risk of foodborne illness. For preservation of foods, the type of radiation applied is referred to as ionizing radiation because it produces electrically charged ions as the energy interacts with target molecules.


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