Surgical Strategies

  • Marie-Françoise Schulz-Aellen


The speciality of plastic surgery has blossomed in the last decade. Rejuvenating and reshaping parts of the body that look either worn out or ungraceful can have important positive psychological effects and give patients a new lease on life. Just about any part of the body can be reshaped: face, nose, breast, hips, thighs, knees, arms, abdomen, and so on. Surgeons are using new approaches and the classical scalpel is replaced frequently with new technologies, such as the laser and liposuction techniques. Nowadays, an increasing number of men and women resort to the many face-lifting techniques, for personal and even professional reasons. Face lifting or other plastic surgery interventions, tightens their skin and therefore modifies their features in a way that makes them look less tired and more fit and competitive. More than ever before, people change jobs, and men and women in their forties or fifties think that they can increase their chances of getting a good professional position if they look younger. About ten years ago, women and men undergoing face lifts were made to look many years younger. Today, such drastic interventions and changes are no longer fashionable. Candidates for face lifts want more subtle changes, for example, getting rid of wrinkles or looseness of the skin.


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