• Yuan Shih Chow
  • Henry Teicher
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An introduction to martingales appeared in Section 7.4, where convergence theorems for submartingales {Sn Sn, n ≥ 1} (relating to differentiation theory) were discussed. Here, emphasis will fall upon convergence theorems for martingales {S-n-nn ≤ -1} (relating to ergodic theorems). In demarcating the two cases, it is natural to refer to a martingale {Sn S nn ≥ 1} as an upward martingale and to allude to a martingale {S-n S -nn ≤ - 1} when written {Sn S n,n ≥ 1}as a downward or reverse martingale. Martingale and stochastic inequalities will also be dealt with.


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