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Although 20 years ago this book may have been as necessary as it is today, nothing like it was written. It has been only in the last 10 years that basic ecologists and land managers have begun to work together to understand the ecology of nonindigenous (NI) plant species and to think about the control of such species from community and ecosystem perspectives. During this time we have witnessed a proliferation of books on NI species (e.g., Groves and Burdon 1986; MacDonald et al. 1986; Mooney and Drake 1986; Drake et al. 1989; di Castri et al. 1990; McKnight 1993; Pysék et al. 1995), including an impressive 400-page, U.S. government—sponsored report (OTA 1993) documenting the threats posed by numerous NI plants, animals, and microbes. Why have we seen such a dramatic change in attitude and such an outpouring of literature and concern over NI species during the last two decades?


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