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Prevention of Postsurgical Adhesion Formation with Polyactive, A Degradable Barrier

  • Erica A. Bakkum
  • Trudy Trimbos-Kemper


Polyactive, a degradable barrier composed of a poly(ethyleneglycol) and poly(butyleneterephthalate) copolymer (1000 Polyactive 55/45), was investigated previously in the rat. Even in the presence of blood a significant reduction was found in the extent and type of postsurgical adhesions compared with control and Interceed-treated animals. A continuous mesothelial layer covers the membrane after 14 days and after 6 months the membrane had degraded almost completely.


Ethyleneglycol Assure 

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  • Erica A. Bakkum
  • Trudy Trimbos-Kemper

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