Bifurcation from Infinity in Hilbert Spaces

  • Vy Khoi Le
  • Klaus Schmitt
Part of the Applied Mathematical Sciences book series (AMS, volume 123)


In this chapter, we shall consider the problem of bifurcation from infinity of the variational inequality (3.1),
$$\left\{ \begin{gathered} \left\langle {u - B(u,\;\lambda ),\;\upsilon - u} \right\rangle \underline > \;0,\;\forall \upsilon \in K, \hfill \\ u \in K, \hfill \\ \end{gathered} \right.$$
where K is a closed, convex subset of V (again V is a real Hilbert space with norm ║•║ and inner product < •, •>, as in Chapter 3), i.e., we consider the problem of the existence of solutions of large norms of (3.1) and, as before, global properties of such solution sets.


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  • Klaus Schmitt
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