The Multiplication of Organisms and Geochemical Energy in Living Matter

  • Vladimir I. Vernadsky


The diffusion of living matter by multiplication, a characteristic of all living matter, is the most important manifestation of life in the biosphere and is the essential feature by which we distinguish life from death. It is a means by which the energy of life unifies the biosphere. It becomes apparent through the ubiquity of life, which occupies all free space if no insurmountable obstacles are met. The whole surface of the planet is the domain of life, and if any part should become barren, it would soon be reoccupied by living things. In each geological period (representing only a brief interval in the planet’s history), organisms have developed and adapted to conditions which were initially fatal to them. Thus, the limits of life seem to expand with geological time (§119,122). In any event, during the entirety of geological history life has tended to take possession of, and utilize, all possible space.


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