Solid-State Fermentation with Aspergillus niger for Cellobiase Production

  • George T. Tsao
  • Liming Xia
  • Ningjun Cao
  • Cheng S. Gong
Part of the Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology book series (ABAB)


Aspergillus niger NRRL3 was cultivated in a moist wheat bran and ground corncob solid medium supplemented with inorganic minerals for the production of cellobiase (β-1, 4-glucosidase, EC With this method, A. niger NRRL3 was able to produce a high concentration of cellobiase (215 IU/g of solid substrate) after 96 h of incubation. Temperature and moisture content affected final cellobiase titers. The best conditions for cellobiase production from solid substrate by A. niger NRRL3 were determined to be 70% moisture and 35°C.

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Aspergillus niger cellobiase solid-state fermentation 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • George T. Tsao
    • 1
  • Liming Xia
    • 1
  • Ningjun Cao
    • 1
  • Cheng S. Gong
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratory of Renewable Resources EngineeringPurdue UniversityWest LafayetteUSA

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