The Alpha Factor



The alpha factor is a 13 amino acid peptide secreted by some cells of yeast. The yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is a eukaryote that exists either in a haploid or diploid state. It can undergo both sexual and asexual reproduction. The former occurs via the mediation of the mating of two haploid cells, types a and alpha, by two diffusible peptide pheromones, a and alpha factors. Each haploid responds to the appropriate pheromone by a series of responses such as cell-surface agglutinin synthesis, cell-cycle arrest in G1, and morphological transformation necessary for cell and nuclear fusion (1). The two types of haploids can be considered two genders since they mate. After the fusion of an a cell with an alpha cell, a zygote is formed that can propagate into a diploid line by budding or can undergo meiosis and sporulation, giving rise to a new haploid phase of the cycle (2–3).


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