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When he is at home in Wynnewood, Hilary Koprowski arises daily at 5:45 A.M., dons swimming trunks and a bathrobe, and descends to the cellar of his house where there is a collection of exercise machines and a forty-foot lap pool. His trainer and general fitness/health guru, a man named Edward Fitz, arrives at 6 in a cluttered, aging van with jalousie side windows. He is not the typical, dashing, trainer-to-the-stars hardbody, this Edward Fitz. At sixty-four, he is a shy, quiet-spoken man of medium height with graying hair who weighs around 150 pounds. No bulging musculature distends the workmanlike cut of his khaki clothing. A trained masseur, Fitz is also the inventor of the Lung Gym, an imposing collection of tubes and gauges that resembles a cross between a restaurant espresso machine and an autoclave. People are meant to exhale forcibly and repeatedly into this machine for beneficial lung exercise. Every day, Fitz takes Koprowski through an exercise regimen of stretching and calisthenics, after which the doctor swims for fifteen or twenty minutes in his lap pool while classical music plays over the splashing. Once a week Fitz gives Koprowski a massage.


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