Class Field Theory

  • Jean-Pierre Serre
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Let k be a finite field with q = pn elements and let V be an algebraic variety defined over k (or, as one also says, a k-variety). Suppose that V is defined by charts Ui (isomorphic to affine k-varieties) and changes of coordinates uij (with coefficients in k). If x = (x1, …, xr) is a point of an affine space, we write Fx, or xq, for the point with coordinates (xq1, …, xqr). The map xFx commutes with polynomial maps with coefficients in k. In particular, it maps each of the Ui, into itself and commutes with the Uij; therefore by “glueing” it operates on V. The image of a point xV will again be denoted Fx or xq.


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