Operations Research

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One of the common themes in operations research (OR) is the modelling approach. Unfortunately many accurate models of OR problems are in­tractable in the sense defined in Section 9.3. Of course a manager respon­sible for the efficient operation of some system will find no comfort in an OR consultant announcing that there is no known algorithm for the problem at hand which will provide an optimal solution in reasonable computional time. Come what may, the system has to be managed in the best way pos­sible. If efficient algorithms are unavailable, there are a number of options open. The manager and the OR consultant can attempt to:
  1. i)

    Develop methodology that will provide optimal solutions efficiently

  2. ii)

    Identify algorithms that will solve certain special cases of interest for the problem

  3. iii)

    Search for efficient algorithms that solve a relaxed version of the problem

  4. iv)

    Construct algorithms that run in reasonable computational time for most, but not all, problem instances, or

  5. v)

    Give up the quest for optimality and provide approximate (or what (Clarke and Surkis (1968)), the analysis of waste management systems (Panagiotakopoulos (1976)), and problems in operation management (Elmaghraby 1970)).



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