A Microlocal Version of Concentration-Compactness

  • Patrick Gérard
Conference paper
Part of the Progress in Nonlinear Differential Equations and Their Applications book series (PNLDE, volume 21)


The concentration-compactness principle has been developed by P.-L. Lions [10] in order to study minimizing sequences of elliptic variational problems displaying some lack of compactness. It is closely related to the general problem of describing the sequences of functions on Rd which violate locally the compactness of the Sobolev imbedding
$$ {H^S}{\mkern 1mu} \left( {{\mathbb{R}^d}} \right){\mkern 1mu} \to {\mkern 1mu} {L^P}{\mkern 1mu} \left( {{\mathbb{R}^d}} \right),{\mkern 1mu} 0 < {\mkern 1mu} s < {\mkern 1mu} \frac{d}{2},{\mkern 1mu} \frac{1}{p}{\mkern 1mu} = {\mkern 1mu} \frac{1}{2}{\mkern 1mu} - {\mkern 1mu} \frac{s}{d}. $$


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