Rapid Granular Flows: Kinetics and Hydrodynamics

  • Isaac Goldhirsch
Part of the Modeling and Simulation in Science, Engineering and Technology book series (MSSET)


The kinetics of a monodisperse collection of spherical particles whose collisions are characterized by a fixed coefficient of normal restitution is analyzed in one, two and three dimensions, the major goal being the derivation of hydrodynamic equations of motion and boundary conditions. A generalized Chapman-Enskog expansion serves to extract such equations from the Boltzmann equation, appropriately modified to account for inelastic collisions. Among the results obtained is an explanation of the anisotropic pressure (“normal stress differences”) in granular gases as a Burnett effect. Boundary conditions are developed by employing a novel (systematic) method which is relevant to both inelastic particles and molecules. The limitations of the Chapman-Enskog approach applied to granular gases are discussed as are the limitations of the hydrodynamic equations. A biased outlook on future developments is presented.


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