Sex-Associated Hormones

  • Shahla Masood
Part of the Contemporary Biomedicine book series (CB, volume 11)


Experimental and clinical observations support the concept that sex steroid hormones may play a role in the development, growth, and behavior of certain tumors (Moore, 1936; McEwen et al., 1975, 1982; Noble, 1977; Trachtenberg and Walsh, 1982). It has been known for many years that prognosis of patients with various malignancies differ between males and females, and some tumors can be alleviated and partially controlled by endocrine therapy (Beatson, 1896; Huggins and Hodges, 1941; Huggins and Bergenstal, 1952; Luft et al., 1958; Bodenham and Hale, 1972; Sadoff et al., 1973; Poisson, 1984). Thus, there is no doubt that some cancers are hormone-dependent. A significant number of breast and prostatic carcinomas have been treated with various additive or ablative hormonal manipulation (Young and Kent, 1968; Mass et al., 1972; Englesman et al., 1973; Leung et al., 1973; Savlov et al., 1974). The detection of specific sex steroid hormone receptor proteins in hormone-dependent tumors has enhanced our understanding of tumor Biology and the mechanism of endocrine therapy. Aside from carcinomas of prostate, breast, and the female reproductive organ, many solid organs have been tested for the presence of estrogen receptor (ER) and progesterone receptor (PgR) and other steroid receptors. A fair number of these tumors have shown expression of sex steroid hormone receptors (Lee, 1984b; Poisson, 1984; Corbishley et al., 1986; Lesch and Gross, 1987; Yokozzski et al., 1988; Erdstein et a1.,1989; Nagasue et al., 1989; Urba et a1.,1990). This review attempts to summarize the functional characteristic and the prognostic and therapeutic significance of sex steroid hormone receptors in various tumors.


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