Maple V for Physical Applications

  • William E. Baylis


This chapter is an introductory guide to some very useful and powerful software. Its purpose is to introduce students of the physical sciences to the symbolic manipulation program Maple, version V. It is assumed that Maple V has been properly installed and that the reader knows how to start or log onto the system (see Section 1.6 in the previous chapter). These notes are written mainly for Release 2, 3, or higher, operating on a system with a windows interface, especially on a DOS-based personal computer with a 386/387 or 486 processor or better and a color VGA or SVGA monitor, but most of the material is also applicable on an Apple Macintosh computer or on a system in a Unix environment with X-windows. Although many of the commands can also be used on the first release of Maple V, Release 2 or higher should be installed to use the worksheets. The Maple commands in this text and the accompanying worksheets have been tested on Maple V, Release 2 and Release 3, and it is anticipated that most will continue to work on later releases.


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