Bifurcation of Cylindrical Couette Flow with Evaporation and Condensation

  • Yoshio Sone
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In Chapters 3–7, various important situations in the continuum limit were dis­cussed in terms of the Hilbert expansion by paying attention to the order of the quantities in the situation under consideration. There are some marginal cases for which only short notes are given as supplementary discussions, since the process of analysis and their general results can be understood or inferred rather easily from the main discussions. In this last chapter, we choose a special problem as an example of analysis in the marginal cases. The problem, a cylin­drical Couette flow with evaporation and condensation, is chosen, since it shows a type of bifurcation of flow in a very simple situation that cannot be seen in the case without evaporation and condensation. For the convenience of description and ease of reading, the explanation of notation is repeated since some new notation is inevitably to be introduced in the special example, although it is consistent with that defined in Section 2.10.


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