Systems with Single Delay

  • Keqin Gu
  • Vladimir L. Kharitonov
  • Jie Chen
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In this chapter we will explore the time domain approaches of stability analysis. An advantage of time domain methods is the ease of handling nonlinearity and time-varying uncertainties. However, in order to illustrate the basic ideas, in this chapter we will concentrate on the stability problem of linear time-invariant systems with single delay
$$\dot x\left( t \right) = {A_0}x\left( t \right) + {A_1}x\left( {t - r} \right)$$
where Ao and Al are given n x n real matrices. The usual initial condition is in the form of
$${x_0} = \phi$$
We will defer the discussions on the uncertainties and systems with multiple delays as well as distributed delays to later chapters.


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