From Zombies to Cyborg Bodies: Extra Ear, Exoskeleton and Avatars

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This article is about what is seen to be meaningful in performances and the ideas that are generated by the actions in them. The artist presents examples of body amplification using prosthetic devices and medical instruments to monitor and pre-amplify body signals. Issues of identity and alternate, intimate and involuntary experiences of the body are explored in accounts of his own performances.



The Muscle Stimulation System circuitry was designed by Bio-Electronics, Logitronics and Rainer Linz in Melbourne with the box fabricated with the assistance of Jason Patterson. The Stomach Sculpture was constructed by Jason Patterson in Melbourne. The Fractal Flesh and Parasite software were developed by Gary Zebington and Dmitri Aronov in Sydney. Exoskeleton was completed by F18 as part of a residency in Hamburg, coordinated by Eva Diegritz from Kampnagel. Hexapod is a collaboration between the Digital Reseach Unit, Nottingham Trent University and the Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems Group at Sussex University with funding from the Wellcome Trust. The project team includes Barry Smith (Project Coordinator), Inman Harvey (Robot Designer), John Luxton (Engineer) and Sophia Lycouris (Choreographer).

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