Pulmonary Metastases

  • Cheng He
  • Cliff K. C. Choong
  • Paul E. Van Schil


Pulmonary metastasis is identified in patients managed with primary cancer elsewhere and is vigilantly followed up. Surveillance chest X-ray generally detects pulmonary nodule that may turn out to be a metastatic nodule. Preoperative investigations should include computed tomography of the chest with intravenous contrast and rule out the presence of other distant metastasis and nonrecurrence at primary site. Various approaches are available for thoracic surgeon to resect pulmonary metastasis. Video-assisted thoracoscopic approach has been popularised recently but has some limitations when the lesion is deeper, not visualised and centrally located metastasis. Bilateral and recurrent metastasis is also amenable to surgical resection.


Pulmonary metastases Metastasectomy Soft tissue sarcoma Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery 


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