Congenital Lung Malformations

  • Jörg Fuchs


Congenital lung lesions are mostly diagnosed by a routine antenatal ultrasound scanning. Many remain asymptomatic immediately after birth but are likely to present later in life with symptoms of pneumonic infection or a persistent lesion in adults can be confused with malignancy. Controversy amongst the surgeons is to resect these asymptomatic lesions electively or to resect only if presented with infection on follow-up. With the advent of thoracoscopic resections and reduced morbidity with minimally invasive resections, elective resection has become more attractive. There is definitely increased morbidity once the lesion becomes infected with need for blood transfusion, wider resection, post-operative air leaks and risk of conversion to open thoracotomy. The subspecialization in Pediatric thoracic surgery may improve overall outcome of this and many other Pediatric thoracic surgical conditions.


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