Aortic Dissection

  • Vincent E. Friedewald


Prompt recognition of acute aortic dissection, which may present with atypical symptoms and findings [16]


Aortic Dissection Giant Cell Arteritis Cardiac Tamponade MARFAN Syndrome TAKAYASU Arteritis 
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Patient Information

  1. AHA: Activity Post-dissectionGoogle Scholar

Professional Information

Review: Endovascular Repair

Review: Management

Review: Management in Marfan/Other Cong Dis

Acute Aortic Syndrome

Acute Aortic Syndrome

Acute Aortic Syndrome

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Acute Myocardial Infarction Presentation


Aortic DIL/Bicuspid AV

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Bicuspid AV and Type A Dissection: PT Characteristics

Chest Pain: Differential Diagnosis

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Delayed Diagnosis/Treatment

Delayed Diagnosis: Risk Factors

Delayed Diagnosis/Inappropriate Initial Diagnosis: Clinical Predictors

Endovascular Repair: Ascending Dissection

Epidemilogy: Trends, Mortality, Risk Factors

Family History

Genomics: ACTA2 Outcomes

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Genomics: FBN1

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Geometrical Change

International Registry (IRAD)

Loeys-Dietz Syndrome

Marfan Syndrome: Surgery for Type A Dissection

Missed Diagnosis: Risk Factors

Missed Diagnosis in Emergency Room: Risk Factors

Outcomes: Acute Type B (DeBakey III)

Outcomes: Quality of Life Post-surgery

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Presenting as Pericarditis

Prior Cardiac Surgery

Risk Score: Sensitivity at Initial Presentation

ST Segment Elevation (Case Report)

Syndromic Form: Mutations

Trends: Presentation, DX, Outcomes


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