Evaluation of Ventricular Assist Devices and Cardiac Transplantation


Although majority of patients with heart failure can be treated medically for years with reasonable quality of life, some progress to advanced heart failure. Patients with end stage disease have very short life expectancy and multiple limitations in daily activities which compromise their quality of life. The choice then becomes between acceptance of the limitations, support with mechanically assisted circulation, or heart transplantation. While ventricular assist devices is the most dynamic and rapidly evolving part of the field, heart transplant remains a standard method with proven record of good long-term outcomes. The shortage of donor hearts makes the process of candidate selection very challenging. It includes medical, social, financial, and ethical consideration and always requires a team approach. In this chapter, we are summarizing the key points of the evaluation process for cardiac transplantation.


Advanced heart failure Mechanical circulatory support LVADs or Left Ventricular Assist Devices Destination Therapy Bridge to Transplant Therapy 


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