Massive Upper Limb Trauma

  • S. Raja SabapathyEmail author
  • Hari Venkatramani


The term, ‘Massive Upper limb trauma’, is difficult to define, though the terms massive injury, complex injury and severely mutilated upper limb are used interchangeably. Generally, the upper extremity could be considered to be massively injured when there is loss of or extensive injury to two or more functional components of the limb. Complex skeletal injury and significant soft tissue loss are common components in such injuries. These injuries, unless aggressively and appropriately treated will end up in amputation or in a severely compromised extremity. In the absence of a specific scoring system to relate the injury of individual functional components to disability, this definition would be good to identify the patients who would come under this group.


Complex Upper Limb Trauma Crush Injury Upper Limb Revascularisation Open Fractures Flap Cover Radical Debridement Primary reconstruction Staged Reconstruction 


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