Fractures of Carpal Bones Other than the Scaphoid

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  • Ian A. Trail


Isolated fractures of non-scaphoid carpal fractures are rare, with an estimated incidence of around 1.1 % of all fractures and 18 % of hand fractures [1]. However, as they are frequently missed on routine plain radiographs, their true incidence may be higher than traditionally reported. Fractures are more common in the triquetrum, trapezium and hamate than in the capitate, trapezoid and pisiform. The incidence of lunate fractures is hard to estimate, due to the similar nature of Kienböck’s, which frequently presents as osteonecrosis and a fracture.


Fracture Avascular necrosis Greater arc Lunate Triquetrum Pisiform Capitate Hamate Trapexium Trapezoid 


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