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Metacarpal fractures are extremely common and, after distal radial fractures, are the second most common fracture treated by an orthopaedic surgeon [1]. The annual incidence has been estimated at 130/105 population/year, with a male to female ratio of 85:15 [1]. The majority of fractures do not require surgical intervention and can be treated adequately with immobilisation or protective splinting. Irreducible or unstable fracture patterns warrant special attention and fixation to prevent long-term problems. As these fractures present with an average age of 29.9 years [1], any morbidity and loss of function as a consequence of inadequate treatment or surgical complications could have a significant socioeconomic impact.


Metacarpal Carpometacarpal joint Trapeziometacarpal joint Fracture Fracture-dislocation Joint dislocation Rotational deformity Intra-articular Bennett’s fracture Rolando’s fracture Malunion 


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