Clinical Outcomes in Robotic Cardiac Surgery

  • Ansar Hassan
  • Paul Modi
  • T. Bruce FergusonJr.


Robotic (da Vinci™ system) assisted cardiac surgery was introduced in 1998 and was followed by sporadic case reports and small individual center series. Our group at the East Carolina Heart Institute (East Carolina University) led the United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA) trial that eventuated in cardiac surgical approval in 2002. Since then there has been a slow adoption of this technology. In recent years, however, there has been an increase and broader acceptance because of increasing robotic cardiac experience with system technological advances. This chapter reviews the latest worldwide experience and clinical outcomes of robot-assisted cardiac surgery.


Robotic da Vinci TECAB Mitral valve Clinical outcomes Congenital Lead placement Atrial fibrillation Cox-MAZE 


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