Principles of Carpentier’s Reconstructive Mitral Valve Surgery



Professor Alain Carpentier has been instrumental in the worldwide renaissance and establishment of mitral valve repair as a standard of care. In this chapter his analysis methods and techniques are illustrated. He emphasized functional and geometric reconstruction of degenerative mitral and tricuspid heart valves. Recently, many of his reconstructive methods have been modified but still preserve Carpentier’s original principles. At the same time robotic tele-manipulation has arisen as an excellent minimally invasive access tool for performing repair operations through the least traumatic incisions and ports. Classic Carpentier techniques with modifications have enabled robotic repairs to become a standard in many cardiac surgery centers. Herein, we describe the analysis of pathologic mitral valves as well as robotic applications, which enable similar structural, functional, and durable mitral valve reconstructions.


Mitral Repair Reconstruction Anatomy Function Robotic 


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  • Farzan Filsoufi
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  • Alain Carpentier
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  2. 2.Department of Cardiovascular SurgeryHôpital Europeen Georges PompidouParisFrance

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