Future of Smart Grid Communication Networks

  • Kenneth C. Budka
  • Jayant G. Deshpande
  • Marina Thottan
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Planning for long-term network transformation described in this book is based on reasonable assumptions of the future developments in new network technologies, their availability to the utility in its service area, possibilities of using networking services from network service providers, and costs. While some of these elements were considered in earlier chapters, a more focused discussion is presented in this chapter. Communication networks touch almost all parts of the grid. This close bond provides for innovations in the integration of grid management and network management. We are already seeing an evidence of this in regulatory requirements on grid reliability and security including the communication security requirements on the utility networks (the North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection specification is an example of such regulatory requirement). New network Application Programming Interfaces will provide for plug-and-play support for connecting the applications into the network.


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