Hip Arthroscopy: The Peripheral Compartment



When performing hip arthroscopy, the hip can be divided into three compartments: central, peripheral, and peritrochanteric. The central compartment is intra-articular, and is made up of the acetabular fossa and lunate cartilage, ligamentum teres, and the loaded articular surface of the femoral head. The peripheral compartment of the hip is separated from the central compartment by the labrum. The peripheral compartment is extra-articular yet intra-capsular, and consists of the femoral head’s unloaded cartilage, femoral neck with synovial folds (anterior, medial, and lateral), and the articular capsule of the hip joint. The zona orbicularis, also known as ligament of Weibrecht, is a thickening of the hip joint capsule which wraps around the femoral neck, forming a ring around the neck’s circumference, and is the narrowest area within the capsule [1]. It is thought to enhance hip stability with distraction and is an important landmark in peripheral compartment arthroscopy. There are also four capsular-ligamentous complexes (iliofemoral, quadrupedal, ischiofemoral, posterior) that contribute to hip stability, that have ill-defined borders [2]. The peritrochanteric compartment lies between the iliotibial band and the proximal femur providing access to the insertion of the gluteus medius and minimus.


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