Appendix B: Basic Methods of Estimation

  • Florian FrommletEmail author
  • Małgorzata Bogdan
  • David Ramsey
Part of the Computational Biology book series (COBO, volume 18)


In this chapter, we will briefly discuss some basic notions and methods of classical statistical estimation. For an in-depth treatment we recommend, for example, [1]. We will start with a discussion of some basic properties of statistical estimators, such as unbiasedness and efficiency.


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    Hogg, R.V., McKean, J. W. and Craig, A.T.: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, 6th edn. Pearson Education Inc. (2005)Google Scholar

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  2. 2.Institute of MathematicsUniversity of WrocławWrocławPoland
  3. 3.Department of Operations ResearchWrocław University of TechnologyWrocławPoland

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