The Integral

  • Boris Makarov
  • Anatolii Podkorytov
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This is the central chapter of the book. In the first four sections, we define and study elementary properties of the integral. In Sect. 4.5, we prove the countable additivity and absolute continuity of the integral. In Sects. 4.6 and 4.7, we discuss the properties of the integral for functions of one and several variables separately. In the next section, we thoroughly study conditions under which the passage to the limit under the integral sign is possible and establish very important sufficient conditions for the possibility of such a passage (the Lebesgue majorant convergence theorem), and also subtler conditions (the Vitali and Vallée Poussin theorems). Section 4.9 is devoted to differentiation of the integral with respect to a set. The results established here are obtained by the maximal function theorem also proved in this section.

The last two sections are devoted to generalizations of the integral with respect to the Lebesgue measure, the Stieltjes integrals.


Absolute Continuity Maximal Function Theorem Lebesgue Stieltjes Measure Admissible Partition Lebesgue Point 
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