Validation of CG Models

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No matter what you make, it must be clean. The term clean geometryrefers exclusively to the contents of a 3D file when those contents are free of errors and well organized. The goal of this chapter is to explain what clean geometry is.

There are many things that can go wrong during the modeling process to corrupt your geometry. These are technical errors. Sometimes, you will be forced to take intermediate steps during construction of an object, like subdividing a wall into a grid to find the correct spacing of a group of windows. If you forget to take down the construction edges after you’ve built the windows, you’ve made a construction error.

If you do not take the time to figure out what every single item in your scene is, and how you intend to find it again once it is built, you will have organizational errors. An example of this is naming. If everything in your scene is given a default name, you will have hundreds or thousands of objects with indecipherable names. The three types of error described here, technical, construction, and organizational prevent geometry from being clean. Likeness errors interfere with the likeness of your object. An object with serious likeness errors cannot be used even if it is technically perfect.


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