Single-Site Photocatalysts: Photoactive Species Dispersed on Porous Matrixes

  • Silvia Suárez
Part of the Green Energy and Technology book series (GREEN)


Photocatalytic processes can take place at isolated photoactive centres dispersed on materials with high surface area and pore volume, such as zeolites and mesoporous materials. This special configuration is generally referred to as single-site photocatalyst and, because of its special properties, it should be differentiated from conventional photocatalysts based upon semiconductor materials. Characterisation techniques at atomic scale such as XANES, EXAFS, FTIR, UV-Vis or EPR allows the identification of these unique structures. In this chapter, the main characteristics of single-sites photocatalysts, aspects related to the synthesis routes, the catalytic properties and the benefits of their use in different applications will be analysed and discussed.


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