Study of Capital Construction Project Financing Mode for Local Universities

  • Lijun Fan
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 209)


In recent years, commercial banks tighten money for the capital construction of local universities. Some universities’ new districts under capital construction are facing lack of money supply for construction. Using a typical inland local university-A university as an example, this paper analyses the success story of A university in the financing mode of its new district’s capital construction, proposes its directing thoughts and basic idea and addresses the financing channels in university A’s financing modes. University A’s financing modes for the capital construction of its new district consists of several financing channels organically and is a systematic, virtuous and sustainable financing mode. University A’s financing mode for capital construction is a feasible and extendable and successful mode, which can serve as a guidance and reference not only for local universities, but also for the capital construction of originally subordinated universities for the central government and other types of universities.


Local university Capital construction Financing mode 



Fund Project: 2010 research topic of the Union of Social Sciences Circle and Union of Economic Community of Henan Province: Extended Research of Financing Channels for The Capital construction of Local Universities—Based on The Financing for The Capital construction of The New District of University A (No. SKL-2010-3047). This project was directed by the author and was finished in April 2011 with a first prize honor.


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