Real Time Hand Pose Estimation Using Depth Sensors

  • Cem Keskin
  • Furkan Kıraç
  • Yunus Emre Kara
  • Lale Akarun
Part of the Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition book series (ACVPR)


Real-time hand posture capture has been a difficult goal in computer vision. The extraction of hand skeleton parameters would be an important milestone for sign language recognition, since it would make classification of hand shapes and gestures possible. The recent introduction of the Kinect depth sensor has accelerated research in human body pose capture. This chapter describes a real-time hand pose estimation method employing an object recognition by parts approach, and the use of this method for hand shape classification. First, a realistic 3D hand model is used to represent the hand with 21 different parts. Then, a random decision forest (RDF) is trained on synthetic depth images generated by animating the hand model, which is used to perform per pixel classification and to assign each pixel to a hand part. The classification results are fed into a local mode finding algorithm to estimate the joint locations for the hand skeleton. The system can process depth images retrieved from Kinect in real time, and does not rely on temporal information. As a simple application of the system, we also describe a support vector machine (SVM)-based recognition module for the ten digits of American Sign Language (ASL) based on our method, which attains a recognition rate of 99.9 % on live depth images in real time.


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  • Cem Keskin
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  • Furkan Kıraç
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  • Yunus Emre Kara
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  • Lale Akarun
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