Exergetic Cost

  • Enrique Querol
  • Borja Gonzalez-Regueral
  • Jose Luis Perez-Benedito
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This chapter addresses the representation of any system based on its resources, products and wastes (R/P/I representation). This will identify the resources needed to generate the products, and will provide a thorough basis for performance evaluation. The same basis will be used to establish the concept of exergetic cost of a stream, measured by the exergy required to produce it. The standpoint will be economic, but handling exergy instead of monetary amounts. The concept of branching will be established for the cases in which there is more than one output from a piece of equipment, introducing the augmented matrix for the formulation of the exergetic cost balance. Performance evaluation concepts will be rationally defined, thus easing the analysis of industrial processes and setting the unit exergetic cost concept.


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  • Borja Gonzalez-Regueral
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  • Jose Luis Perez-Benedito
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  2. 2.Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering SchoolTechnical University of Madrid (UPM)MadridSpain

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