Endovascular Revascularisation: When and How



Critical limb ischaemia in diabetic patients is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. The incidence of peripheral vascular disease is much higher amongst the diabetic population and associated diabetic neuropathy often means patients present late with ulceration and tissue loss. Management of the diabetic foot requires a multi-disciplinary team approach. Timely initiation of the appropriate investigations and treatment are vital to ensure optimal outcomes. Revascularisation can be performed with open bypass surgery or endovascular repair. There is increasing evidence to support endovascular treatment and with the gradual evolution of endovascular technologies it is now possible to effectively treat complex patterns of disease. In this chapter we will further explore the imaging assessment and the available endovascular treatment options in diabetic patients.


Diabetes Peripheral arterial disease Critical limb ischaemia Endovascular revascularisation Angioplasty Angiosome 


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