Arterial Transplantation for Limb Salvage

  • Thomas HölzenbeinEmail author
  • Nina Mader
  • Manuela Aspalter
  • Sophina Trubel
  • Klaus Linni


Distal arterial bypass, despite being challenged by endovascular therapy, remains the cornerstone of distal revascularization for peripheral arterial disease. The autologous saphenous vein is regarded as the graft of choice for these interventions [1]. It has proven its usefulness and durability for short bypass grafts to the popliteal artery above and below the knee as well as for long distal reconstructions to tibial and pedal target arteries [2]. Although there are reports advocating prosthetic grafts for primary bypass, the saphenous vein is unrivalled with regard to its versatility, infection resistance, and long-term performance.


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