• Se Young Yoon
  • Zongli Lin
  • Paul E. Allaire
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In this chapter we summarize some basic concepts on compressors, AMBs and compressor flow instabilities to motivate the development of the material to be presented in the chapters to follow. Although both axial and centrifugal compressors are discussed here, the main focus of this book is on centrifugal compressors. The dynamics and characteristics of the stall and surge flow instabilities are discussed in this chapter based on the observations reported in the literature, and two different approaches to the mitigation and suppression of the surge instability are reviewed. The first approach is surge avoidance, where the surge dynamics is not modified and different safety mechanisms prevent the compressor flow condition from crossing to the instability region. The second approach is surge suppression or control, where the actual stability region of the compressor flow is extended into what is normally considered the surge region. Finally, we introduce the active magnetic bearings as an efficient method to support the rotating components of turbomachines, and a potential tool in the stabilization of surge in centrifugal compression systems. An important benefit of using the magnetic bearings for surge control is that compressors with this bearing technology will only require a software update for implementation. This significantly reduces the installation time and cost.


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